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          Chongqing Hongju Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a e-commerce company engaged in modern information technology and Internet information services based on computer networks. With our efforts and accumulation, the industry has obviously presented the knowledgeable and younger trend! “Only honest in the world can win hypocrisy, and merely clumsiness in the world can defeat intelligence”. “Honesty” is the valuable resource and wealth in the sustainable development of an enterprise. Juhong holds attitudes of sincere cooperation and double-win, and attaches great importance to establish superior management chain and promptly distribute resources so as to develop a circulating and effective systematic operation. We firmly believe that the past glory has become history, and only diligent pursuit can make us better develop in the future.



          Beiyeji is a new project that the founder spends 7 years investigating the market and buyers from the source and discovered the great potential of the tea industry. Beiyeji was established at the end of 2017, and the Mini apps on WeChat was officially launched in September, 2018. Beiyeji is concentrated on the quality of tea and Chinese tea knowledge, concerning itself with build up a world-class Chinese tea identification



          Quwang devotes itself to becoming the leader in the industry of adult stuffs (sex toys). It advocates “Amazing fun, and enjoy life”, which selects the global boutiques and cooperates with numerous prominent brands to create the best e-commerce website of adult stuffs. We have won trust and praise of mass consumers based on our complete commodity types, reliable product quality, preferential prices, flexible order methods and convenient services.


          JOIN US

          Address:9th Floor,Yuanjian Center,Yu Zhong District, Chongqing, Email: hr@hongju.cc,

          Contact:Miss Tan,Tel:023-62805799



          9th Floor,Yuanjian Center,Yu Zhong District, Chongqing

          Tel: 023-62805799

          Email: vip@hongju.cc





          9th Floor,Yuanjian Center,Yu Zhong District, Chongqing,TEL/FAX: 023-62805799,Email: vip@hongju.cc


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